€ 18.33VAT included

Carbon monoxide gas detector

Dimensions: 103 x 53 mm

Power supply: 9V DC battery (durability at least 1 year)

Resting power supply current: <=35uA

Activating concetration: 150 +/- 50ppm of carbon monoxide

Alarm current: <30mA

Sensor: electro-mechanic sensor CO

Bright LED display, volume of alarm: 85dB in distance 3m

Low power supply notification: 6,8 V

Meets CJ3057 11, EN50291: 2001 regulations

Operating temperature: from -1 to 50 °C

Operating humidity: up to 95%

€ 16.01VAT included

Natural gas, LPG and coal gas detector

Dimensions H / W / D (mm): 120 x 75 x 42

Power supply voltage: 220V

Resting electric current: 80mA, Alarm electric current: 100mA

Alarm form: visible acoustic and optical signal

Sound alarm: 70dB

Operating temperature: from -10°C to + 50°C

Operating humidity: 95%RH (40 ± 2°C)

Detects: coal gas, natural gas, propane butane

Switching of external hardware

€ 8.61VAT included

Smoke detector with ionizing sensor

Dimensions: 07 x 44 mm

Power supply: DC 9V

Alarm volume: 85dB

Operating current in stand by mode: 10μA

Operating current during alarm: 10 mA

Low power supply voltage notification: 6,8 V

Operating temperature: -10°C do 50°C

Operating humidity: 95%

Sensor: ionizing

€ 5.88VAT included

Smoke detector with optical sensor

Dimensions: 107 x 34 mm

Operating current in stand by mode: 10μA

Operating current during alarm:  12mA

Alarm volume: 85 dB in distance 3m

Operating temperature: from -10°C to 60°C

Operating humidity: 95%RH (40±2°C)

Power supply: 9V battery (durability at least 1 year)

Sensor: optical


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