JKBOZ s.r.o. company is on the Slovak market of Health & Safety since 2004 (company name was Juraj Kukučka, Nováky until 2008). As the years went by, company became one of the leaders in Health & Safety and fire protection.

Main philosophy, on which the marketing is based, is to succeed in the health and safety environment with a high-quality service and best possible care for safety of our client’s employees.


The basis of company is to deliver Health & Safety and fire protection. Portfolio of our services is supported by extended services in environment and work-health services, fire hydrant, fire doors and extinguisher calibrations, delivering and reselling of personal protecting tools, training of employees in various segments.


In all sectors we offer comprehensive services to our clients like counseling, project preparation, delivering stuff, assembly operations and representing on various proofs and inspections.


Main goal of our company is to make the health and safety regulations and fire protection easy for everyone.


...we do everything for your safety