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We have been cooperating with Kübler, a German workwear brand, for more than 12 years. Since 2010, we have been stable partners and our cooperation stands on a firm foundation.
Kübler was established in 1956, when its owner, Paul H. Kübler, founded his first tailor workshop and employed five tailors. Within 60 years he managed to expand worldwide.

Kübler Safety Wear

Kübler protective wear feature a high level of comfort for its wearer and resistance to external factors. Each profession has its own specificities and the Kübler brand reflects them.

It is important to draw attention to the excellent quality of fabric. By various weaving methods and surface treatment, the wear obtains special properties, such as resistance to water, wind, stains or fire.

In addition to the ergonomic cut, which highlights and emphasises the silhouette, and timeless design, it is essential to underline the quality of sewing in the extraordinarily stressed seams/areas, the insertion of elastic elements that provide the possibility of no less than 7 times stretch of the original fabric length, insertion of lining, insets and lamination of inside layers.

The use of modern procedures guarantees obtaining the workwear properties, which not only prolong its service life, but also improve the comfort while wearing. And what is most important for the employer? That its employees feel as comfortable as possible in their “second skin”!

The product ranges of common workwear are divided into three basic model ranges: 

  • Activiq, 
  • Iconiq, 
  • Bodyforce.

Activiq is the bestseller of the model ranges, available in men’s and women’s cuts. You can choose from 11 colour combinations. You can also adapt the wear to taller figures or to people of small stature. 

  • ergonomic cut,
  • reinforced seams,
  • elastic insets in the stressed parts,
  • use of Cordura elements – special tear-resistant fibres,
  • anti-scratch surface, 
  • integration of fasteners,
  • large, smart pockets, 
  • stylish elements, 
  • easy logability, 
  • reflective zones.

Iconiq – basic model range, available in 4 colour combinations, where each colour offers the three-colour combination. 

  • the ratio of 65% polyester and 35% cotton provides an excellent flexibility of the wear,
  • also available in Cotton+ version with the opposite ratio of the materials; higher content of cotton is more robust and changes the properties of the wear, bringing a higher resistance to heat factors – suitable for locksmiths, plumbers, etc.
  • the bottom edge of the dungarees is stitched by 5 cm lining which offers an adequate variability where extending, or shortening, is required.

Bodyforce – the top model range aimed at fulfilling all needs of its wearer, with absolutely no compromises. It is an innovated mixture of all gadgets, both for the gentlemen and the ladies. Available in 5 colour combinations.

  • special blend of fibres, weaving, elastic material and Cordura
  • emphasis on the dynamic design by fibre threading in the shape of fish bones
  • 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend with 260 g/m2 weight, 
  • suitable for the highest load in daily use,
  • the use of special surface treatment ensures the highest stability and sustainability even after being washed multiple times, 
  • ingenious reflective elements help render an athletic figure.

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