Fall protection

Falling is naturally the first thing that can happen to you when working at heights. To prevent falls and injuries, according to Decree no. 147/2013 Coll. on ensuring safety and health protection during construction work, you must perform protection with collective or personal security regardless of the height at all workplaces where there is a risk of danger to life.

Many users do not have experience with fall protection products and therefore believe that these are products for professional users. However, the opposite is accurate. Fall protection equipment is intended for every worker during normal work activities on construction sites, during maintenance and repair of facades, when checking and revising chimneys, silos, and reservoirs, and when working in shafts and tanks, etc.


Innotech is an Austrian company which focuses on safety and protecting the health and lives. It specialises in manufacturing of anchoring systems for protection against falling, fastening points, modular window systems and dome lighting.

Discover the anti-falling system

System of mobile fencing is part of the so-called collective protection. It creates a barrier between persons in the area where there is a risk of falls and existing edges.


Everyone in the given area may safely move without the personal protective equipment or additional anchoring equipment. Depending on the use, various assembly variants are available, from fixed mounted to load-bearing, with which a wide scale of assembly variants may be covered. The system colour may be customised by an individual paint layer upon request.

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