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JKBOZ s.r.o. has been operating on the Slovak market in the field of occupational health and safety since 2004 (until 2008, the company services were provided under the trade name Juraj Kukučka, Nováky). In the course of several years, we have worked our way up to a leader in providing services in this field. V priebehu niekoľkých rokov sme sa prepracovali na popredné miesto v poskytovaní služieb v tejto oblasti.

Our services

Naša filozofia

The main philosophy, on which our business policy is built, is to succeed in the competitive environment by delivering high-quality services and provide exemplary care for the safety of our clients’ employees.

Our company’s backbone is the supply of services in the field of occupational health and safety as well as fire protection.

Our scope of services includes:

  • extra services in the areas of environment and occupational health service;
  • inspection of fire extinguishers, fire water supplies and fire shutters;
  • sale of personal protective equipment;
  • training of specific groups of employees.

In all fields, we offer our clients comprehensive services ranging fromconsulting, project preparation, supply of materials, assembly to representation during the inspection of State Professional Supervision (SPS). .

Operating in the entire territory of the Slovak Republic, we can effectively provide our services for every customer thanks to strategic allocation of our technicians.

Our aim is to relieve you from the obligations relating to the provision of services in the fields of occupational health and safety and fire protection.


Ponúkame široké spektrum služieb v oblasti bezpečnosti a ochrany zdravia pri práci a ochrany pred požiarmi.


Ponúkame kvalitné výrobky od renomovaných výrobcov v oblasti protipožiarnej ochrany a bezpečnosti pri práci.

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© 2023 all rights reserved | JKBOZ s.r.o. | Privacy policy