Head protection

Head protection is intended to protect you in the event of a risk of being hit by falling objects and striking your head against a solid object (eg, where headroom is limited). It is necessary to provide special protective equipment in a number of establishments. A demanding job, a dangerous environment, and a high level of noise, dust, or chemicals can endanger and permanently damage the health of workers. You can prevent unnecessary complications by choosing the right head protection.

There are generally two types of head protection available:

Safety helmets – which must comply with national or equivalent European standards and should be marked as such on the inside of the shell. They absorb the force of the impact by partially destroying or damaging the shell and the fastening straps or the protective lining on the inside. If necessary, they can also be equipped with hearing protectors and/or protective visors;

Safety caps - plastic reinforcement designed to fit inside a uniform or lined visor caps. They are more comfortable to wear than safety helmets but are only designed to protect against minor impacts. They do not provide the same level of protection as hard hats and must not be worn in place of hard hats in zones where hard hats are required.

Industrial helmets are used in professions where there is a risk of an object falling on the worker's head (builders, lumberjacks, etc.) and in professions where there is another possible danger, e.g., high glow (smelting furnace operation, etc.), electric shock. Climbing helmets are used in professions, in work at heights, where there is a risk of falling from a height. These helmets can be combined with eye protection, full face protection and ear protection.

A cap with a plastic inner reinforcement is used in work activities where there is a risk of head injury due to impact on an object or structure. It cannot be used instead of a safety helmet because it cannot absorb the impact of a falling object. Choose from a wide range of caps with internal plastic reinforcement. We can also include protective shields, various types of caps, caps and accessories for head protection.

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© 2023 all rights reserved | JKBOZ s.r.o. | Privacy policy