Work Footwear

A growing number of work footwear producers forces us to choose ever better solutions. Better for employees, employers and for the entire mankind.
We increasingly come across the questions how to be more ecological, how to be healthier, how to protect our planet.

The following work footwear producers are the answer.


Dike, an Italian producer, focuses on ecological work footwear from recycled materials.

What is Dike work footwear made of?

  • uppers are made of recycled calf leather,
  • elements on the uppers are made of recycled plastic bottles
  • toe tips/caps of recyclable aluminiumtoe caps,
  • outsole of recycled polyurethane
  • anti-perforation midsoles, removable anatomic insoles are packed in recycled paper boxes. 

Dike has also maintained its objective of sustainability and heritage for future generations in a new challenge: To design and manufacture footwear with safety elements S1, S2 and S3 type. It resulted in safe, modern and eco-friendly work footwear. Who said that modernity must necessarily be an enemy of the nature?

“It’s a challenge, which we want to meet, because we have responsibility not only for the customers buying our products, but also for our planet. For the country where we live happily every day.”

Gaston Mile

Gaston Mile is one of the top French producers of safety work footwear and a leader in industrial manufacture of high-quality injection-moulded outsoles. Founded in 1912, in the course of more than 110 years operating on the market, the company has strengthened its know-how and improved its future-proof quality. 

The new footwear range, named 1912, combines the performance and resistance of high-quality materials. They guarantee a unique, comfortable boot which adapts to all types of feet. 

  • the uppers is designed to resist external stresses while ensuring a high level of safety;
  • the outsoles provide maximum foot protection against slipping, cutting, perforation, impacts and crushing and are heat- and cold-resistant;
  • fibreglass protective toe tip is unnoticeable while wearing.


Swedi® is the European leader in footwear intended for women. It features the most complex “white” range of technical safety footwear intended for nurses, laboratories, communities, catering, food industry, etc. All leather parts have antiperspirant and antibacterial properties for the comfort of people at work.

Since 1952, Swedi has designed and developed a broad, comprehensive portfolio of footwear for sensitive feet for retailers and professionals in France, European countries and for export.

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