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Fire Protection

Training on fire protection is governed by the Decree of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic No. 121/2002 Z. z. on fire prevention.

The content of the training of employees comprises mainly:

  • familiarisation with general requirements for fire protection in the objects and premises of a legal entity or a natural person – entrepreneur,
  • explanation about a fire hazard characteristic for the relevant workplace, mainly about fire prevention measures at the workplace, fire regulation of the workplace, ensuring fire protection within technological processes, storage of flammable substances and on the work discipline with regard to fire protection,
  • familiarisation with placement of firefighting equipment, connecting means and other material means of fire protection at the workplace and the manner of their use, as well as with placement of main switches of electricity and shutters of water and gas,
  • the manner of announcing fire alarm at a legal entity or a natural person – entrepreneur and at the workplaces, obligations of employers in case of fire resulting from fire alarm directives and fire evacuation plan.

The content of the training for managerial employees is extended by:

  • familiarisation with special regulations, 
  • with fire hazard resulting from the activity of the legal entity or a natural person – entrepreneur, 
  • with basics of the processes of burning and extinguishing, 
  • with basic requirements of fire safety of buildings, 
  • with the principles of fire safety in storing flammable substances and with handling therewith and with activities relating to higher danger of fire.

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