Ľudia v JKBOZ

Mgr. Michaela Barošová

Support for the OSH and PPE department

Studying Andragogy at the University of Prague opened the door to the world of education and training. After graduation, I accepted a job where I was responsible for developing educational programs, implementing training and coordinating educational projects. I was thus considered responsible for all aspects of education.

Later came the opportunity to work at JKBOZ s.r.o. in the position of support for the HSE department. Here I can effectively use all the experience and knowledge I have gained during my career and studies. Together with my colleagues, I am here to ensure the safety and health of our customers.

When I'm not busy working, I spend time with my family, reading books and enjoying nature walks with my faithful pooch.

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© 2023 all rights reserved | JKBOZ s.r.o. | Privacy policy