Health and safety at work

* Preparing of comprehensive Health & Safety documentation following the latest regulations

* Training of employees

     - periodic training of employees with proof of knowledge

     - training of representatives employees with proof of knowledge, counseling of „referent drivers“ 

* Performing professional counseling for employers and supervisors

* Execution of scheduled trainings for employees and scheduled inspections and exams

* Performing common inspections of workplace with definition of limitations and suggestions to prevent any errors

* Participating on work injury investigations, handling the registration form of injury, professional assistance in reporting injuries to appropriate authorities and professional assistance with injury compensation

* Preparing and controlling of health and safety regulations, controlling the health and safety status at work

* Communication with appropriate authorities during revisions

* Providing professional consultations of health and safety at work and specialized technical equipment

* Reviewing of risk assessment by the law § 6 article (1) letter f) act 124/2006

* Execution of health and safety policies by the law act 124/2006 

* Comprehensive controlling of health and safety at work

* Consultations by phone or e-mail if needed

...we do everything for your safety