Professional Training, E-Learning

With e-learning, you gain potential to increase your productivity by 50% (IBM study), and the rate of memorising the matter increases by 60% (Research Institute of America).

E-learning represents a modern way of educating employees in the field of OHS and FP effectively. Its aim is to improve the level of education and implement new and attractive forms of education for the benefit of the employees. Through online courses, you are able to provide the employees with all required information and verify their knowledge in a simple way. The educational process is managed by the application based on the settings, which are done by the e-learning administrator at the company.

All types of our e-learning training are approved by the National Labour Inspectorate, so they fully substitute the face-to-face training form.

How does e-learning work?

After obtaining the login name and password, the employee simply logs in to the system according to the instructions provided in the introductory e-mail. Upon selecting the desired course, the education starts in the form of a presentation and finishes with verification of knowledge in the form of a test. If the verification of knowledge is successful, the employee will receive the record on participating in OHS training (a certificate) via email.

E-learning courses provide:

  • logical sequence of the training by chapters;
  • clear information without disturbing functions;
  • active connection with applicable legislation;
  • e-mail connection with the lecturer;
  • continuous verification of knowledge;
  • final verification of knowledge by a test;
  • generating a record on successful participation in the training.

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© 2023 all rights reserved | JKBOZ s.r.o. | Privacy policy