Work-Related Medical Examinations

The employer is obliged to ensure the assessment of medical fitness of employees for work on the basis of carrying out preventive work-related medical examinations. This employer’s obligation arises out of Section 30 (1) (c) of Act No. 355/2007 Coll. on protection, promotion and development of public health and on the amendments to certain acts, as amended.

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Health surveillance over the employees also includes the performance of preventive medical examinations:

  • input,
  • preventive,
  • prior to the change of job position,
  • at the end of employment relationship,
  • extraordinary.

Preventive medical examinations are not mandatory for all employees. However, they are mandatory for:

  • work classified in the 3rd and 4th category;
  • work in which medical fitness is required pursuant to special regulations (such as night work, work performed by adolescents or in the case of professional drivers);
  • employees who repeatedly suffer from an occupational disease at the same workplace;
  • employees who did not perform work classified in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th category for a period longer than 6 months.

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© 2023 all rights reserved | JKBOZ s.r.o. | Privacy policy