EFS and VFS Fire Detection Systems

Electronic fire system (EFS) is a safety device that serves the purpose of protection of objects in the event of fire. In many cases of public buildings, industrial objects or companies, there is an obligation to equip the objects with the EFS system. A thorough project preparation requires a precise inspection of the object and designing a strategic and practical solution so that it meets all legislative requirements and its functionality is effective.

  • Electric fire signalling (EFS)
  • The EFS serves the purpose of preventive protection of objects against fire in a way that it optically and acoustically signals the occurrence and location of fire. 
  • The EFS automatically or through the human factor accelerates the transmission of information on the fire to the persons designated to carry out a firefighting operation, or activates the equipment that prevents spreading the fire and/or directly perform a firefighting operation. 
  • Planning, assembly and revisions of the EFS is carried out through an authorised person on the basis of retraining by the manufacturer.
  • Voice fire signalling (VFS)
  • It is a priceless service in the premises where lay persons, who have not been instructed, gather, and such persons must be alerted to an unexpected situation such as fire, leakage of dangerous substances or announcement of civil protection. 
  • Voice fire signalling is launched by fire buttons in the case of absence of the EFS system which launches signalling of fire automatically when registering a fire.
  • Following buildings must be equipped with both the EFS and VFS systems:
    • a building intended for accommodating more than 20 persons (a mixed or flammable construction unit),
    • a building intended for accommodating more than 50 persons (a non-flammable construction unit),
    • medical facilities with inpatient section,
    • buildings with gathering areas,
    • if more than 20 persons stay permanently on the underground floors,
    • buildings where a gradual evacuation of persons is anticipated,
    • buildings in which more than 200 persons are located, except for buildings intended for housing.

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