Fire protection

With our highly trained fire protection specialist and fire protection engineer we will help you to fulfill the health and safety regulations, which every employer has to follow by the law. We aim to make it easy for you that you do not have to watch every little change in Health & Safety regulations, to manage needed documentation, perform professional training for employees, help you to avoid any limitations and provide comprehensive counseling in fire protection environment. Our company provide a Fire protection engineer services following the law § 9 act 314/2001 about fire protection.


* performing preventive fire protection inspections

* determining of dangerous and highly flammable places and number of fire patrol members

* performing periodic training of fire protection and specialized fire patrol

* handling and managing fire protection documentation based on real status

* determining of fire protection inquiries when property tenant has changed

* communication with appropriate authorities during revisions

* organizing and evaluating the fire training program

* consultations by phone or e-mail if needed

...we do everything for your safety